20 July 2017

NSA to get State Attorney – Robert Sarfo Mensah

Director General for the National Sports Authority,  Robert Sarfo Mensah has disclosed that the National Sports Authority is set to have a State Attorney as its official Lawyer.

In an Interview with Adam Adjei on Agoo TV, he said, “After an engagement with the Deputy Attorney General, Joseph Kpenka Dindiok, a consensus in principle was reached to allocate a state attorney to the NSA who will spearhead the move of getting our debtors to settle their debts.”

According to him, the role of the State Attorney, will be to validate the debts owed by the NSA to ensure credibility, proper documentation of the federations’ travel expenditure after negotiations.

“All debtors will be contacted and per the terms in the contract, payment plans will be drawn. However, whoever proves to be obstinate will be brought to book and the law will take its rightful course. These are some of the reasons that have necessitated for an NSA to get the lawyer,” said Robert Sarfo Mensah.


Alexander Anyankwaa

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