20 July 2017

NRSC takes delivery of 2,000 copies of vehicle tires manual

Infinity Tires Ghana Limited, a tyre Importer and Retail Services Company in Ghana has donated 2000 copies of printed manual detailing the guidelines for Importation, Sale and Use of Vehicle tires in Ghana.

The manual was designed and authored by the NRSC while the company bore the cost of the printing. This gesture comes in the wake of the company’s social responsibility as a stakeholder towards road safety issues in the country to help reduce accidents on our roads.

The NRSC intended to formulate a policy which was in accordance to Regulation 62 of the Road Traffic Regulations 2012, L.I 2180 to bring into force the Implementation of the tires standardization, a move which sought to have a ban on the importation and use of substandard tires in the country to ensure adherence as provided in the law.

In 2008, the Commission, in its furtherance of its advocacy and research mandate, conducted a study on the magnitude of the use of “home-used” or “second-hand” tyres and its impact on the road safety situation in Ghana.

Findings from the study confirmed, among others, that: 75% of tires imported into the country were used ones which presuppose that 3 in every 4 tires sold in Ghana, were used tires. It also said that the patronage of used tires in Ghana increases the risk of crash (accident) occurrence by 30%. 15.2% of vehicles involved in fatal crashes had some form of defect prior to the crash which was in the form of tire burst or blow up tire pressures situations that also constituted 4.4% of these defects.

In line with this, the NRSC engaged stakeholders , broaden the engagement on the education and to further include the general public, the Commission decided to print the manuals in order to reach out to the general public.

The gesture by Infinity tire Ghana Limited is therefore, to expand the scope of the Commission to enable it have more printed copies up for distribution to help spread the information.

In a solemn ceremony at the Fore Court of the Commission to receive the manuals, Ing. Mrs. May Obiri Yeboah, the Executive Director, NRSC thanked Infinity ire Ghana Limited for their gesture, adding that this will go along way help to carry the message to importers, dealers and vehicle owners who use tires being the main target of these manuals.

On his part, Nitesh Kumar, Marketing and Retail Manager of Infinity Tires Ghana Limited who donated the manuals on behalf of the company said, the tire is one of the most important parts on a  car yet, it is poorly taken care of. He was optimistic that the manuals will generate the desired impact.

Infinity Tire Ghana Limited has incorporated an essay writing contest on the right use of tires which would be among school children and upon authorization from the Ghana Education Service, the company will began to hit the schools. Besides, they will hit the streets to also engage and distribute some of the manuals left in their care to the public all in the bid of helping spread the message on the right use of tyres and helping to curb sub standard tires.

Also with the Executive Director were  Araba Okyne, Manager, Administration, Henry Asomani, a Programmes Officer (PO) and Victor Bilson, an Assistant Programme Officer (APO) all of the NRSC.

By: citifmonline.com/Ghana

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