11 August 2017

NPP Would Deliver On Its Promises – Kumawood Actress Who Campaigned For The Party Assures Ghanaians


Kumawood actress Ama Boahemaa has asked Ghanaians to exercise restraint over the promises given to them by the NPP as they would eventually be fulfilled.

One feature of the last election was celebrities declaring their support for their parties and campaigning vigorously for them. 

The NPP seems to grabbed most of the celebs, especially the Kumawood ones.

One of these is Ama Boahemaa, who is facing questions over whether she regrets her support for the party, eight months into their tenure.

Boahemaa said she does not regret the support at all, although she called for patience from some Ghanaians who are already regretting their choice.

“I know at the right time things will get better… it’s a matter of time so let’s exercise restraint.” The actress affectionately known as ‘Mama Kali’ said during a recent appearance on RTVGhana.

“I’ve not regretted joining the NPP…,So far I’m happy for President Nana Addo’s Free Senior High School initiative because most parents have no money to pay for their wards education so this will help solve that problem,” she added.

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