28 June 2017

NPP Has Deceived Us – Unemployed Nurses Threaten To Picket After Still Not Being Posted Despite Gov’t Promises


Picketing nurses

The association of Unemployed Nurses and Allied Health Workers in the country, who were promised to be posted to various jobs across the country by the government a few months ago, remain unemployed and are threatening a new picketing effort.

The nurses made news a few months ago when they picketed at the Ministry of Health for days asking for jobs which had been promised to them by government.

After receiving promises of being given jobs if they stopped their picketing, the nurses left expecting to receive their jobs – nothing came.

Now, The Vice President of the Coalition, Derrick Owusu, says they plan to resume the picketing next week since government has reneged on its promise.

He said their members felt deceived by the government – some of them remain unemployed over two years after completing their studies.

Despite the issue predating this government and the NPP’s promises to fix it, they have failed to do so, just as the NDC did back when they were in power.


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