20 June 2017

Notorious ‘chessboard maniac’ reveals murdering his 49 victims was ‘like having sex’

EVIL mass murderer Alexander Pichushkin has spoken of how killing each of his 49 victims was like having sex.

“It brought me colossal pleasure — it is compatible to an orgasm,” said the 43-year-old Russian monster, nicknamed the Chessboard Maniac.

Alexey Maishev; Izvestia; EAST2WEST NEWS

Alexander Pichushkin was sentenced to life in a remote Siberian prison after being found guilty of murdering 49 people[/caption]

Alexey Maishev; Izvestia; EAST2WEST NEWS

Evil Pichushkin was dubbed the Chessboard Maniac as he intended to slay one person for every square on the board[/caption]

Alexey Maishev; Izvestia; EAST2WEST NEWS

He will continue spending his sentence in the desolate Polar Owl penal colony[/caption]

Alexey Maishev; Izvestia; EAST2WEST NEWS

The prison is guarded by a pack of dogs to help deter highly dangerous escapees[/caption]

The serial murderer killed most of his victims, many of them homeless men and alcoholics who he befriended, in Bitsevski Park in Moscow.

He used a hammer to smash the skulls of his victims.

The hate-filled killer — who is known to receive love letters from warped Russian women — was caught before he reached his goal of slaying one person for each of the 64 squares on a chessboard.

Speaking from his cell in Arctic penal colony Polar Owl, which he branded a “concentration camp”, he said: “I would get to work, and everyone was discussing my murders. I was exultant inside.”

Explaining why he befriended his park victims before savagely killing them, he said: “I had to get to know the person better, at least to hear his voice, to talk to him, to know his plans and dreams.

“Because it was important for me not to simply kill the flesh. This would be easy.

“It was important to kill a human being.”

Alexey Maishev; Izvestia; EAST2WEST NEWS

The prison camp is in Kharp – an isolated Arctic town in northern central Russia[/caption]

He claimed: “Death is stronger than love. Although love is considered the strongest feeling. But the strongest is death.”

Pichushkin, who was convicted of 49 murders but claims he carried out as many as 60, made clear he “hated” Russia and wanted Vladimir Putin ousted as president, replaced by anti-corruption campaigner Alexei Navalny.

“I hate all of you,” he said. “I hate this country. I’d join the opposition now.

“I don’t know much about Navalny … (but) I’d follow him with pleasure.”

His final victim was Marina Moskalyova, 36, who was murdered in the spring of 2006.

She had left a note for her son with his name and phone number on it when she went on a date with him.

In his new interview with Izvestia, he said: “I was caught not because the police worked so well, but because of my mistake.

“I knew about that note, I shouldn’t have killed her that night.”

Alexey Maishev; Izvestia; EAST2WEST NEWS

Pichushkin, 43, spoke out about his sick murderous fantasies from prison[/caption]

In a previous interview he revealed some 80 women had written to him in his isolated Siberian jail at Kharp.

“What did they write? ‘Love, want, kiss you.’”

He claims to have proposed to one woman, Natalya, 30, from Nyagan, who said she “loves him more than life itself” even though they have never met.

“He is my everything,” said the children’s shop sales assistant, who bought a bridal dress hoping to wed Pichushkin, and tattooed his image on her body.

“I have nothing in this world without him. I’m dead without him.”

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