19 September 2016

Do not idolize celebrities – Princess Shyngle

princess-shy Curvaceous actress, Princess Shyngle is urging women to be proud of their figure instead of revering celebrities and eventually seeing themselves inferior.

In a post on Instagram, the actress cum scriptwriter encouraged ladies to love themselves because each person is unique in their own ways.

“Every woman is amazing in her own type of way. Don’t let the pressure of the media consume you. The media pushes down our throats this agenda of perfection. Too skinny, too fat , small boobs, big boobs, no curves, short hair, no edges, pretty eyes, big butt, sexy, ugly, fat and the list continues .. Love yourself. Do not idolize celebrities to the point of losing yourself. They are just people like you. People like us,” her post read.


Source: abrantepa.com

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