‘No serious president will pardon Montie 3’ – Prof. Karikari

25956975A renowned communications professor, Kwame Karikari has jumped into the debate of whether or not President John Dramani Mahama should grant pardon to the Montie 3.

In a radio interview, he argued it would be unwise for the President to heed to the calls for a presidential pardon for the Montie 3 and concluded that “no serious president in a democracy will accede to a call like that under our circumstances.

Lawyers for the convicted radio host and panelists of Montie FM have decided to petition President Mahama to pardon the three.

The move is to ensure that the President uses his prerogative of mercy, as stated in Article 72 of the 1992 Constitution, to pardon the three convicts.

Managers of Montie FM have indeed opened a petition book to solicit signatures of members of the public and sympathisers to back the petition in respect of getting the trio not to serve the four months custodial sentence imposed on them by the Supreme Court.

Speaking to Accra based radio station, Citi FM, Professor Karikari said if the president was to pardon them, then the president would be telling the whole world that, “look all radio stations , now go out, it is free for all of you to threaten people, attack people, incite violence, bring the roots of this country down.”

“So I hope the NDC are not serious about asking the president, who is the head of their party to pardon these people, then it will be free for all and we will all know that it will be such free for all and this country will not have peace.”

He insisted it was up to the President to do so or not to do so. “If the president does so, what I’m saying is that the president then will be giving the orders to all these radio stations, who will raise mayhem in this country.”

“Because then what the president will be saying is that, look eh!, radio stations do as you please and court or no court, do as you please, you can bastardise the court, you can incite violence, you can threaten people’s lives and even go ahead and get people to do what we want the threat to do.

“No serious president in a democracy will accede to a call like that under our circumstances. Infact, it would be politically suicidal, I think, for the president to accede to the call of his party, That’s why I’m saying that I hope the NDC, what they are doing is a bluff.”

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