24 September 2016

No political motives in fertiliser distribution – Cocobod

fertilizerAllegations of discrimination in the supply of farm inputs to cocoa farmers have been denied by the Ghana Cocoa Board (Cocobod).

Accusations swirled that cocoa farmers affiliated to the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) were benefitting from farm spraying and the distribution of fertilisers by the state at the expense of other farmers.

But speaking on Accra100.5FM’s breakfast show, Ghana Yensom, on Thursday September 22, Cocobod’s Director of Public Affairs, Noah Amenya, said such reports were false since the basis of distribution of fertilisers was not centred on one’s political or blood leanings.

“What I will say is that the scheme does not consider individuals, it does not consider farms. So if the fertiliser becomes available and you go asking to be given some, you won’t get it unless we consult our records and realise we have taken measurements of your farm and have ascertained its acreage and the quantity of fertiliser required to cover it. Same with the agrochemicals – we have to know your acreage and all before we give you supplies,” he explained.

“So, if someone says the distribution is being conducted along political or family lines or on other affiliation; that is not true, because even if you are a member of a party…and your cocoa farm is over 30 years old, you won’t be served. We won’t give you because the fertiliser won’t be productive on such a farm.”

Mr Amenya, however, urged persons with evidence of such happenings in the districts to bring them to Cocobod’s attention “so we bring disciplinary action against them”.

He disclosed that the company had previously dealt with staff found guilty of violating regulations regarding distributions, among others.

“We want to see discipline in fertiliser distribution so…kindly let us know in case anyone is doing that so we act appropriately on such,” he appealed.

Mr Amenya’s remarks come as Ghana has secured a $1.8billion syndicated loan facility for the purchase of cocoa beans for the 2016/17 season.


Source: classfmonline.com

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