28 September 2016

No dedicated lanes for Bus Rapid Transport – GAPTE

brtGreater Accra Passenger Transport Executive (GAPTE), the implementers of the supposed Bus Rapid Transport (BRT) service, have given the project a new name because the buses for now do not have dedicated lanes as expected.

Speaking on Eyewitness News, the Chief Executive Officer of (GAPTE), Sampson Gyamenah, admitted there were currently no dedicated lanes, a critical element of any BRT system and instead called what was being implemented a Quality Bus System.

“We do not have a full blown dedicated lane for the buses so I will also hesitate to call what we are putting in place a BRT. It is called a Quality Bus System,” he said.

Using the Amasaman Corridor as an example, Mr. Gyamenah explained that, “what we are putting in place on the Amasaman corridor is not a full blown BRT. We are putting in place what we call a Quality Bus Service, taking some of the attributes of the BRT and enhancing operation of these services,” and we don’t have this on the Amasaman Corridor.

On the Amasaman Corridor, which is about a 22 km stretch, what we have is that the dedicated facilities are between Achimota and Tudu,” he added. Mr. Gyamenah however highlighted some of the elements of the BRT that were being incorporated into the GAPTE Quality Bus System. As an example, he said “the automated fair collection system that we are putting in our system is one of the attributes of a BRT.”

“Again, passenger information; the passenger is aware of his journey, experience, etc. There is information in the buses to let the passengers know exactly were he or she is on the route,” Mr. Gyamenah added as another BRT attribute.

BRT to start business in October On Monday morning, nine BRT buses were deployed to ply to the Amasaman – Achimota – Circle – Tudu route to serve hundreds of commuters for free till Friday, as part of test operations of the service.

Mr. Gyamenah explained that, this was a simulation exercise to train operational staff that will be engaged in the system. “What we did today, was a simulation, more like a training arrangement for our own operational staff and drivers. We haven’t started piloting the services yet.”

He however assured that, GAPTE is “looking at the first couple of weeks in October to roll out commercially.”

BRT buses on test yet to be insured Meanwhile, the buses being used for test operations of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) services are yet to be registered and insured.

This is according to Roland Bruce, Marketing and Communications Manager of the Greater Accra Passenger Transport Executive, operators of the service.

Speaking on the Citi Breakfast Show on Monday, Mr. Bruce said the buses will be insured and registered at the end of the week.


Source: citifmonline.com

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