20 February 2017

Nigerian Songstress Emma Nyra Flashes Her Cleavage In South Africa


Nigerian singer Emma Chukwugoziam Obi, who performs under the more s*xier name Emma Nyra, flashed the world an ample portion of her cleavage in some recent photos she’s taken.

In fact, the dress she was in was so sheer that her nipples were even forcing to come out in them.

Nyra is currently in South Africa and shared the photos on social media, proudly displaying her cleavage and her rogue nipples, outlined in the tight fitting dress.

Check out the photos below…


Whilst in the land of gold, you wouldn’t believe which Ghanaian star Nyra ran into…flip page to find out…

nyra-stonebwoy2-Custom nyra-stonebwoy-Custom

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