08 February 2017

Nigeria university ‘bans tight-fitting clothes’


The University of Lagos in Nigeria’s commercial capital has banned both male and female students from wearing tight-fitting clothes, including trousers, skirts and blouses, local newspapers report.

They quote a management circular as also banning “all clothes which reveal sensitive parts of the body such as the bust, chest, belly, upper arms and the buttocks”.

The circular adds:

Students should maintain a clean and well-cared for appearance in all settings on campus. Wearing of tight, strapless and revealing clothes whose length are above the knees are inappropriate.”

This tweeter is not impressed:


#Nigeria‘s University of Lagos sets up “Morality Police” for women. What does this say?!! https://t.co/icddMtJB9M pic.twitter.com/42p3AYEZUc

— Chidi Odinkalu (@ChidiOdinkalu) February 7, 2017


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