25 July 2017

New Mothers protest overnight at Tamale Teaching Hospital over sleeping arrangement

New mothers at the Tamale Teaching Hospital and their relatives protested overnight after management prevented them from sleeping at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), plucking them away from their babies.

As many as over 30 nursing mothers and mothers of sick babies were hauled off the Unit on Sunday night by security men who informed them they were not allowed to sleep with their new or babies in the NICU and directed them to an uncompleted building where they were no utilities.

The mothers who scrambled severally without success to obtain explanations why they were being forcibly separated from their babies, some sick, bursted out in anger resulting in verbal assault between some husbands and the watchmen carrying out the night operation.

Azaara Inusah whose sick baby was admitted three days ago told Kasapa News they were being asked to leave their babies in the Care Unit at an isolated uncompleted structure where the stench from a nearby washroom was overpowering.

She said the watchmen offered that they would be allowed into the Unit to breastfeed their babies but not permitted to spend the night with their babies, an arrangement the angry mothers opposed aggressively.

According to her,  they had rejected the offer and were sleeping on porches and said some mothers who went through surgeries were suffering.

“Some of us because they are new mothers, they don’t know how to hold the babies so you can call their in-law to come take care of the baby for you, so they are telling them to come out and mothers are even sitting out: and where they are asking to us to go is very bad. There is a toilet there which is not flushing but they are using it. Some of us too they do us (because of the operation) you cannot walk to their place. We are plenty outside and we don’t know why we can’t sleep in the same room with our babies”, she said.

Management was unavailable for comments.

By: Eliasu Tanko

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