16 September 2016

I never said a high number of Presbyterian Ministers are seeking divorce – Clerk

presbyThe Clerk of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rev. Dr. Samuel Ayete Nyampong has dismissed reports attributed to him that a massive number of Presbyterian ministers want to divorce their wives.

A section of the media published that he had claimed a huge number of reverend ministers have written letters to the Presbyterian Council seeking permission to dissolve their marriages due to unbearable circumstances.

He is reported to have disclosed this during the 155th Anniversary celebration of the Ebenezer Congregation – Kyebi, Presbyterian Church of Ghana, while talking about the need for Christians to truly repent from their sins.

According to him, the corruption and other issues facing the country are reflections of the unchristian and corrupt conducts of the followers of Christ.

These behaviors, Rev Ayete believes do not only ruin marriages and homes but wrecks nations as well.

Rev. Ayete said : “I presented a report to the general assembly on the number of letters that come to my table from ministers requesting to be allowed to divorce their wives, they are frustrated…this calls for repentance.”

He stressed the need for repentance among couples, friends and families adding that “In public [Christians] show themselves to love one another but they bear grudges in the various homes.”

Buy speaking to Kasapa News, Rev. Dr Ayete Nyampong stated that he was quoted out of contest, saying he was shocked at the reportage in the media as it didn’t represent what he said.

He disclosed that only four Minister have applied to the hierarchy of the Church to have their marriages dissolved, adding that these Pastors are currently undergoing counselling to make their marriages better.

“I wouldn’t have been worried even if someone reported that four ministers wanted to divorce their wives, but for someone to report that a huge number of Presbyterian are ministers seeking divorce is not true and unfortunate. I just mentioned this to show that even in the church not all is well with marriage and family life, which means we really need repentance. ”

He emphasized the importance for adequate time to be directed at marriage and family life to ensure it becomes enhanced in various homes as it contributes to peace in the society and the country at large.



Source: kasapafmonline.com

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