01 September 2016

NDC planned to burn down my church – Owusu Bempah

BenpahFounder and General Overseer of the Glorious Word Ministry International Rev. Owusu Bempah has revealed on Frontline on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm that the governing National Democratic Congress (NDC) attempted to burn down his church.

According to him, the decision by the NDC was to keep him mute from attacking them and condemning their actions.

He said, he had information regarding the matter and has subsequently informed citizens to blame the NDC should they find out that his church has been burnt down.

He said he would not be surprised if the allegations being leveled by the outgoing Moderator of the Presbyterian Church that a political party attempted to bribe him with 100, 000 dollars is true.

Owusu Bempah said he had suffered attacks from the governing NDC over his prophecy that the president was going to die while in office. According to him, what disgust him the most is the fact that some members of the party have secretly met him to give them directions on how to avert the prophecy yet they sit on Radio to insult and malign him.

He noted that he had to mention the names of some key functionaries of the party who had come to him to direct them on what to do to avert the prophecy because some of their members attacked him.

He alleged that the party made an attempt to bribe him some time ago. However, they were warned to rescind that decision since he [Bempah] would expose them. ”The NDC made an attempt to bribe me some time ago but they were advised not to do it because I would have exposed them. They did not come to me directly but someone warned them against the plan after deciding to come and bribe me. What Prof. Martey is saying is the truth. No member of the NPP has attempted to bribe me before. It is the NDC who attempted to bribe me. They are fond of doing that.”

He added, ”The NDC should be-careful because everyone is entitled to express his or her opinion in this country. We are men of God and so if something is not going well, we have to say it as it is. If the EC is doing something that can cause mayhem, we have to talk about it but that does not mean we are supporting one political party.

The preacher accused the NDC of also trailing him adding that, the NDC should stop trailing me. They should stop contracting people to follow me because I will not stop talking. I don’t hate any political party.

When asked if he had reported to the police, he said, ”i will not report to the police but i just want to let Ghanaians know what is going on…I cannot be bought with money by any political party. I will continue to criticise anyone who goes wrong including the president.”



Source: rainbowradioonline.com

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