20 July 2016

NCA satisfied with telcos voice and internet service quality

NCAThe National Communications Authority (NCA) has expressed satisfaction with the current voice and internet service quality provided by mobile service operators in the country.

The Authority which has the mandate to regulate the sector says its assessment of the sector over the past few months indicate a marked improvement in the quality of service – a feat it attributes to stringent measures put in place to ensure compliance.

Speaking with JOY BUSINESS at an international symposium at the instance of the authority, Director General William Tervie said the authority will not hesitate to fine operators who deliver poor service quality to its subscribers.
“The service quality has improved because of the stringent measures the NCA has taken to make sure the telcos have the various technologies are employed to deliver proper service to the consumers,” Mr Tervie said.

He said the use of fines as a punitive measure has also worked to enhance service delivery adding “for example, we’ve given fines out to MTN, Vodafone and Airtel for failing to do certain things in some areas.” in providing service to the customers.

“They have certain obligations and if they don’t meet those obligations, it affects the consumer. They [telcos] also have congestion on the network, so we are constantly measuring those kinds of performance issues on the networks.”
The Director General William Tervie said in the coming weeks, months and years, the NCA will continue to impose fines on the telcos to whip them in line in the interest of the consumers.

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