19 September 2016

Nana Yaa needs psychiatric examination – Gargantuan Lady

nana-yaa-jamaican-2One of the most dedicated morning show hostess, Ohenewaa Kesse Boahene aka Gargantuan Lady has revealed emphatically that; Nana Yaa, the lady in Lord Papers nude music video”Awurama” needs psychiatric examination.

Nana Yaa,a model and a video vixen has come under severe criticism for starring in Lord Paper’s X-rated music video titled “Awurama”

The music video which is off Youtube for violating the video-sharing website’s policies shows Nana Yaa and Lord Paper engaging in a sexual encounter.

Nana Yaa during one of her numerous interviews had indicated that she doesn’t regret starring in such a horrendous music video.

Sharing her candid views on the X-rated music video,Gargantuan lady disclosed passionately to www.razzonline.com that Nana Yaa needs psychiatric examination.She added that she would’ve taken Nana Yaa to the psychiatric hospital if she were her sister for doctors to examine if she is mentally stable:

“There is something going on in this country that if care is not taken it would get to a time ladies wouldn’t get men to marry them-There is too much nudity on our screens…You will see ladies in TV adverts half naked etc. And as ladies there are certain vital parts of our bodies that we don’t have to expose in public.

“Frantically speaking,looking at the disdained manner in which the lady(Nana Yaa) in the Lord Paper’s “Awurama” music video naked herself in the video testifies that she needs psychiatric examination.If she were my sister,i would have taken her through rigorous counseling then after, take her to a mental hospital for doctors to examine her to see if she is mentally stable.” -Gargantuan Lady noted.

A cross-section of Ghanaians have expressed displeasure about the current trend of nudity, especially in the media and music videos.

A survey conducted by the Ghana News Agency in Accra showed that a number of people are disgusted about the new phenomenon and are calling on the government to act with urgency to stop the practice.

However, Gargantuan lady who is also a news reader, advised ladies who wants to achieve or become famous in life to work extra harder and look up to God rather than perceive nudity to be the only way of becoming famous.

She also advised the media to show professionalism and also be circumspect in their reportage in order to have an incident free elections.

Watch the full interview below.


Source: razzonline.com

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