Nana Addo Cannot Differentiate Between A Slogan And A Message – George Lawson

georgelawsonA Deputy General Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), George Lawson is set to conduct polls on his party’s ‘edey be Kὲkὲ’ slogan and NPP’s infamous ‘All die be die”.

This was after NPP’s flagbearer, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo has pooh-poohed the incumbent NDC’s mantra ‘edey be Kὲkὲ’, saying it is a laughable campaign message by the ‘Umbrella’ family.

Nana Addo noted that his message for this year’s election will focus on job creation, industrialization of the economy and modernization of agriculture.

According to him, the claim by President Mahama that the NPP has no message is laughable, because the party, since 2008, has remained consistent with the message of industrializing Ghana’s economy.

“Mahama says we in the NPP have no message. His message of ‘edey be Kὲkὲ’ is one I will never put before the Ghanaian people. Is ‘edey be Kὲkὲ’ a message? What do you understand by ‘edey be Kὲkὲ’’?

“ . . If this is the kind of message he wants from the NPP, he will never get it. Our message is about bringing jobs to the people of Ghana – reviving our economy, and improving and diversifying our agriculture. That is the business we are coming to do,” he said.

Speaking on NEAT FM’s morning show ‘Ghana Montie’, George Lawson reacted that the NDC’s ‘edey be Kὲkὲ’ – “Is not a campaign message. That is just a slogan.”

“Nana Addo is the one going around with his ‘All die be die’. Is his ‘all die be die’ a message? Between these two [‘edey be Kὲkὲ’ and ‘all die be die’], Nana Addo cannot differentiate between a slogan and a message . . . he should let Ghanaians decide which one to vote for then,” he added.

George Lawson stated that his party’s campaign message is “Transforming Ghana” and not ‘edey be Kὲkὲ’ – “That is passco”

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