05 August 2017

Naked streaker runs on track moments before Usain Bolt’s final farewell in the 100m final at the World Championships

NAKED streaker attempts to spoil Usain Bolt’s farewell at the World Championships after running onto the track before the 100 metres final.

Bolt’s last 100m race was not only sabotaged by a streaker but also by Justin Gatlin as the Jamaican finished third.

A fully nude streaker ran onto the track at the London Stadium
PA:Press Association
He was eventually tackled by stewards
AP:Associated Press
He had the message ‘PEACE + LOVE’ written on his chest
PA:Press Association

The streaker who had ‘PEACE + LOVE’ written on his chest as he sprinted before the 100m final.

The fully nude man exposed himself to the thousands of spectators at the Olympic Stadium who were eagerly anticipating Bolt’s 100m goodbye.

But before they caught a glimpse of the 30-year-old, they instead watched stewards desperately try and tackle a streaker.

A steward hauled the man to the ground by tackling himover boards alongside the track.

A group of officials then escorted him off of the track as one man held a blue Hi-Vis jacket to cover up his genitals.

The streaker held up two fingers as a peace sign while he was taken away.

Stewards quickly dealt with the matter, clearing the path for the 100m final to take place.

A steward tackled him to the ground over boards around the track
PA:Press Association
The streaker shouted as he was escorted off of the field
AP:Associated Press

The final then turned out to be anticlimactic as Bolt won bronze behind eventual winner Gatlin and Christian Coleman in second.

Bolt paid the price for making a shocking start and no matter how hard he tried to get back on level terms he came up just short and had to settle for a time of 9.95secs.

Despite failing to win the race, Bolt was still given a memorable farewell from the crowd following his final 100m race.

Usain Bolt can only manage a bronze medal as Justin Gatlin wins gold and Christian Coleman gets silver at the World Athletics Championships in London
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