NACOB arrests agent for exporting Pangolin scales

By Kodjo
Adams, GNA

Accra, Aug. 4, GNA – The Intelligent Unit of
the Narcotics Control Board has arrested Prosper Kumako, an agent who
facilitated the exportation of Pangolin Scales from Ghana to Malaysia, Nana
Kofi Adu-Nsiah, Executive Director, Wildlife Division of the Forestry
Commission, has said.

Mr Adu-Nsiah at a press briefing in Accra said
Mr Kumako confessed that on June 13, 2017, he exported Pangolin Scales from the
country to Malaysia, on three occasions, with the help of Robert Konu and
Philip Konu as accomplices, saying all the items were named as “OYSTER SHELLS’.

Pangolin is classified as one of the
endangered species banned globally by the Convention on International Trade in
Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora, of which Ghana is a signatory.

The Convention seeks to ensure that
international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants do not threaten
their survival.

He said Mr Konu said an individual called Lee,
a Chinese, was his source of supply and he supplies him the stock through an
accomplice in Nigeria.

Mr Konu is currently assisting in further
investigations at the Criminal Investigations Department at the Ghana Police
Service Headquarters.

Mr Adu-Nsiah said Mr Prince Anim, an agent,
was also arrested for using his documents to facilitate the exportation of the
species during interrogations.

He said the Commission has realised that some
of the wildlife traffickers are using Ghana as transit destination to operate
their illegal activities and urged the public to be mindful of such

The Executive Director said in June 16, 2017,
a publication by the Associated Press carried a news item that the Malaysian
custom official has seized nearly 400 kilograms Pangolin scales worth 1.2
million dollars from Ghana at the Kuala Lumpur Airport transported by Turkish

He said the scales were believed to be used
for medicine to enhance sexual performance and that the increase demand for the
species has seen an estimated one million pangolins removed from Asian and
African forests over the past decade.

Mr Adu-Nsiah their outfit would continue to
collaborate with the Customs, Police, NACOB, informants, airport officials and
their intelligent to combat the menace.


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