31 August 2017

My Removal From SSNIT Is Due To A Political Witchhunt – Dr Caleb Afaglo


Dr. Caleb Afaglo

The former head of IT at SSNIT, Dr Caleb Afaglo, who was removed from the institution after he was found to have gotten his job via use of fake degrees, says the entire scandal and his subsequent removal is the result of a political witchhunt.

Speaking through his lawyer, Afaglo said his qualifications and competencies have never been questioned throughout his career at numerous institutions – yet the NPP coming to power has immediately changed all that.

“In my 15 years of work, I have never been questioned about my competence, knowledge or certificate, not even my employers- SSNIT.” his attorney told the state owned Daily Graphic.

“It is only when there is change of government in January 2017 and mysteriously the new management had issue with my certificate, but not my work ethics,”

Speaking further, the lawyer said all his former employers can attest to his competence, especially telecom giants MTN.

“My department was responsible for the simless roaming in West Africa , which was successful under my watch. MTN itself can attest to this that I was the only engineer to be decorated with the Performer of the Year award (Yellow Star)”. he said.


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