21 August 2017

My Lyrics Are Simple And Not Complex As Some People C|aim – M.anifest



M.anifest has rubbished claims that his lyrics are complex and thus hard to understand for some Ghanaians.

The rapper, speaking on Hitz Fm, said his songs contain simple and relatable concepts which Ghanaians can grasp.

According to the God MC rapper, Ghanaians listen to rappers who use far complex literary tools than he does and therefore he can’t understand where that argument comes from.

“Lots of people are acting as if I write songs about cosmic rays and stuff. Most of my songs have simple concepts and people relate to them,” he told KMJ.

“People need to stop perpetrating this fabrication that Ghanaians don’t understand the music. They listen to Jay Z and Kendrick Lamar and they use more words than I can ever use in my life.” he added.

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