18 July 2017

My Family Only Calls Me When They Need Money…So I Don’t Talk To Them Anymore – Emmanuel Adebayor (Video)



Togolese forward Emmanuel Adebayor Sheyi has revealed that he does not talk to members of his family anymore because they are only interested in his bank account and not himself.

Adebayor told the BBC that throughout his career, he only received calls from his family when they need something from him, even though when he gets injured playing nobody calls to find out how he’s doing.

Adebayor a few years ago made massive headlines when he wrote a long post on Facebook condemning most of his family. He revealed how he has spent so much helping them yet they show no gratitude and just keep asking for more, sometimes going on air to paint his name black.

GC reported on it at the time – he even revealed an instance where his family members called a meeting to ask him for a monthly allowance for each of them.

Opening up to the BBC, Adebayor said due to all those issues, he’s stopped corresponding with his family.

“I don’t talk to my family anymore but I talk to my friends”, the one time African footballer of the year told BBC Africa.

“They would never call you to see ‘are you injured, are you ok?’…A couple of times I got injured in a game, they would never call you the next day to see if you are ok.”

He added: “Whenever they call you it’s to ask for something.”

Adebayor added that behaviour made him cut off his family, since he realised they don’t actually care about him as a human being but simply as an ATM.

“Care about me, let me care about you too”. he continued. “Don’t just care about my finances, don’t just care about my account.

“…You say blood is thicker than water, why do you forget about the blood and think only of the bank account?” he rhetorically asked.

Adebayor also told the interviewer that he believes he made the right decision to go public with his predicament.

You can watch the BBC interview at this link.

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