17 July 2017

My Boobs Are Real And Even My Mother Is Shocked By Their Size – Tracey Boakye


Kumawood actress Tracey Boakye says her boobs are as real as the rest of her body and those doubting how real they are are not alone – even her own family doubts it.

Speaking on the Celebrity Ride, Boakye revealed even her own mum is astounded by the size of her boobs and even asked her if they were real.

She said her boobs used to be smaller and just ballooned in size some years ago, so people doubting it is nothing abnormal.

“My mother after the first [movie] premier asked what I have done to my breast and I said if people are saying they are artificial you are also joining the bandwagon. They are natural and not artificial like people say they are.” she told ZionFelix.

Boakye even allowed the blogger to touch the boobs to see how real they were.

Watch Boakye on the ‘Celebrity Ride’ below…

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