16 June 2016

Muslims asked to use Ramadan to pray for peace

Muslims have been urged to use the holy Ramadan fasting period to pray for peace in the country before, during and after the November 7 election.

Muslims asked to use Ramadan to pray for peace1A Presidential Staffer and Special Aide to President John Dramani Mahama, Alhaji Babalami Abu Sadat, who made the call, said prayers were needed to save the country from experiencing conflict as pertained in some other African countries.”As we fast during the Ramadan, we must make the issue of the election a priority in all our prayer sessions because having a peaceful election this year would boost the democratic credentials of the country and also help to improve the lot of Ghanaians including Muslims,” he said.Alhaji Abu Sadat made the call at a meeting with Muslim Chiefs and Imams in Accra last Saturday.He asked Muslims to pray to Allah to guide President  Mahama to find lasting solutions to the challenges the country was facing.

He said it was important to pray for the managers of the economy to have the wisdom to manage it well.

Support President Mahama

Alhaji Abu Sadat said President Mahama had demonstrated love to Muslims and contributed to the socio-economic development of Zongo communities.

He, therefore, asked Muslims to support President Mahama to win the November 7 election to continue with his development works in the country.

Muslim youth

The presidential staffer urged Muslim youth not to allow themselves to be used by politicians  to engage in violent acts during or after the election.

Rather, he said, the Muslim youth should be the torch-bearers of peace to promote the true meaning of Islam to people of other faiths.

“Do not allow yourselves to be hoodwinked into engaging in violent activities just for the benefit of some politicians who when they win elections will not even remember the existence of such youth,” he said.

Muslims asked to use Ramadan to pray for peaceMuslim-Christian relationship

Alhaji Abu Sadat stressed the need for Muslims to use the Ramadan period to strengthen their relations with Christians, and indicated that some Christians also joined Muslims to observe the fast.

He said the only way Muslims, Christians and adherents of the other religious faiths could continue to enjoy worshipping God in the country was when peace continued to reign among them.

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