20 February 2017

My Musing: The Last Morsel


11“Pastor Otabil, I recently had lunch with my fiancé and I asked him to give me his last bite and he bluntly refused…Is this indicative of anything?” This was one of the many questions the world acclaimed teacher of God’s Word answered during KICC’s recently held Marriage Summit, where I spent the greater part of Saturday, 11th February, 2017 listening to words of wisdom for the not-so-distant future. Bring your mind home if it is wandering – the answer is YES!

Most of us, if not all burst into laughter – Dr. Otabil included – and rightly so considering how dearly we cherish the last morsel of any meal (‘last blow’, we call it). The sweet feeling accompanying its eating is akin to the equally sweet feeling you have when passing out urine after you have held the urge to do so for a long period. When another takes it in your stead, it feels like your very birth right has been taken away from you, just as was ‘wickedly’ done by Jacob in his quest to receive the blessing meant for Esau from Isaac. One does not even feel satisfied without the last blow. Oh! ‘_That thing can pain la_’, I kid you not, and Dr. Otabil’s riposte suggested that I am not alone with these thoughts.

“Would you have given it him, if he had asked for yours?”, Pastor Otabil rhetorically asked when the laughter had died down, which threw us into another bout of laughter, albeit a very short one. He went further to allay the questioner’s fears that it was no event with a ‘red flag’ hoisted on it.

A week has passed since I attended that enlightening event, and it clamoured for space in my mind this morning during shower. I laughed again at the question. But beyond the laughter, I figured how that particular question which drew laughter from the over 1000 people gathered there revealed our deep-seated selfishness as mortals. It is the reason why we wish the downfall of a colleague in the office just so we can be promoted thinking we are ‘better’ than they are, whereas we will be mortified if the reverse was the case. It is the reason why some people enter marriages and still act like they are still bachelors or spinsters, I have heard. It also accounts for why we always want to be at the receiving end of transactions conveniently forgetting the biblical advice of there being more blessings in giving than receiving.

It is this same vice that would cause some to harbour the idea of funding the Free SHS social intervention policy with the Heritage Fund – a fund that was established for use by future generations who possibly will not have the opportunity of generating income through the nation’s oil reserves because it might have been depleted by the time they are birthed. Rather than amending the act of parliament that ensures a percentage of the oil funds accrue into the Heritage Fund, should we rather not amend the act which allows the wanton dissipation of the oil funds accruing to the accounts of other state institutions like GNPC’s, which they squander on silly sponsorship deals for the Black Stars? And why would the latter not negotiate their packages with their interests at heart and that of the nation in their derrières when the other parties to the negotiations _create, loot and share_?

And oh!, before you tell me Finance Minister, Ken Ofori-Atta and his deputy-in-waiting, Hon. Kwaku Kwarteng have stated that the Heritage Fund will not be used for the implementation of this policy, and Nana Akomea stating that it was merely a thought that came out loud, know that their boss, Yaw Osafo-Maafo’s words, as Senior Minister, carry more weight in this government than theirs do. It goes without saying that the subject has been broached at cabinet meetings and that it might possibly see the light of day.

Considering how dear most people hold the last morsel of any meal, it would be an act of treason if we went ahead to shortchange the future generation who are going to be the beneficiaries of this  fund, by eating the last morsel which is rightfully theirs.

Enjoy the fruitfulness this week promises.


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Source: Ghana| Paa Kwesi Williams | pkbwilliams@yahoo.co.uk


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