11 July 2017

Mum who was throttled and called a ‘stupid s**t’ by her possessive drug-addicted ex was left unable to SEE after he ‘shattered’ her eye socket during brutal attack 

A MUM whose violent ex-boyfriend “shattered” her eye socket during a brutal attack has bravely spoken out about her terrifying ordeal.

Ruth Collier, 27, from Fareham Hampshire, lived in fear of her partner Paul Davis, 38, and once suffered a beating so severe she needed surgery to save her eyesight.

Ruth Collier, 27, from Fareham, Hampshire, was left blind in one eye for nearly three months after being attacked by her violent ex Paul Davis, 38

The horrifying incident, for which Davis is now serving a prison sentence, left her unable to see for nearly three months and the mum-of-one now has a metal plate in her face.

Recalling the attack, which took place on December 28, 2016, Ruth said: “I felt the bones in my cheek break, as I fell to the floor, screaming.

“As the vision in my right eye went, I panicked, thinking that he had beaten me blind.”

Screaming “stupid slut,” he then kicked her in the ribs, before leaving her, writhing on the floor of the rented accommodation they shared, in agony.

“The coward turned on his heels and ran off. Finding my phone, I called the emergency services and was whisked to hospital,” she said.

“Luckily, my vision started coming back, but it took three months. For ages, it was like looking through the bottom of a milk bottle.

Ruth and Davis, pictured together in happier times in 2015, met in 2014 when Davis was hired to decorate her rental room
PA Real Life

“My eye looked terrible as well and was too swollen for doctors to be able to tell how bad the damage was.”

Treated at Portsmouth’s Queen Alexandra Hospital, doctors told Ruth her eye socket had been shattered.

“I couldn’t sleep for weeks, as my face was so painful and I was left with a mark, but, luckily, it was below my eye line,” she said.

Ruth, a model, fell for Davis when they met in April 2014, as he was decorating the rented room she was moving into, following a relationship break-up.

Paul Davis’ mugshot, which was taken by Hampshire Police, after his arrest for attacking then-girlfriend Ruth
PA Real Life/Hampshire Constabulary

Instantly attracted to him, he helped carry some of her boxes and they enjoyed a cup of tea together.

She remembered: “He was very flirty, telling me I was gorgeous and asking if I was single.

“When I told him I was moving in because my relationship had ended, he asked for my number, so I gave it to him and we started dating. Warm and considerate, I thought he might be the one to restore my faith in men.”

Moving in with her after three months, they enjoyed a successful relationship until, a year in, Ruth fell pregnant, but miscarried.

Davis and Ruth, pictured when they first got together, enjoyed a happy year together until Davis became abusive
PA Real Life

She said: “It was a devastating blow for both of us. He became snappy and moody all the time. I couldn’t seem to do anything right.”

Then, before a rare night out together, he accused her of looking “like a slut,” upsetting her so much she changed out of a sexy skirt, into jeans and a long-sleeved top.”

He later accused her of sleeping with a man at the bar, when she had simply asked him if he was being served.

Following his possessive outburst, Davis became so controlling, he insisted on her giving him the passwords to all her social media accounts and made her stop seeing all her male friends.

Ruth, pictured now, has recovered and moved on from her abusive relationship, but has been left haunted by the attack
PA Real Life

He also started abusing recreational drugs and on May 28, 2016, when she came home five minutes late, he attacked her.

She said: “He called me a ‘cheating whore,’ grabbing me by the throat and pinning me to the wall. After that, the pushing and shoving became more or less daily.

“I’d be covered in bruises and he’d apologise – convincing me he wouldn’t do it again. He even told me he was insecure because his ex had cheated on him.”

Despite everything, Ruth chose to believe Davis when he said he would change – mainly because she wanted him to.

Ruth, pictured with Davis in 2016, said his mood changed when she miscarried and he began using recreational drugs
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She said: “He’d been such a good man, before my miscarriage. Kind and funny, we’d really enjoyed being together and I just wanted everything to be like it was again.”

Davis even started attending self-help meetings to deal with his drug problems, which Ruth took as a sign that he was serious about wanting to change.

And when, five months after her miscarriage, she fell pregnant again, they were both sure the baby was what they needed to put their relationship back on track.

Ruth recalled: “My labour lasted less than two hours, so I didn’t have time to get to hospital. Paul helped me to deliver our son at home, He was my hero.”

Davis, pictured with Ruth during happier times, called her names such as ‘slut’ and ‘whore’ when he became abusive
PA Real Life

But soon he was abusing drugs again – resulting in Ruth putting their son into care.

“I knew it was for the best, until Paul got clean, but I was heartbroken,” she said.

She was finally pushed to her limit on December 28, when Paul assaulted her at home, after accusing her of talking to other men.

“I remember him shouting, ‘Don’t you dare roll your eyes at me, slag,’” she said.

Ruth, pictured now, is bravely speaking out in a bid to help other domestic violence victims
PA Real Life

“I’d only been to the loo, yet he insisted I’d been chatting up blokes. He called me a liar, adding ‘You’re a whore and a nasty piece of work.’”

It was after she snapped, screaming at him to “get out,” that Davis attacked her, shattering her eye socket – although she did not officially end their relationship until he appeared in court.

In the run up to the trial, he texted her, begging for forgiveness.

“When I failed to reply, he became aggressive,” she recalled.

Paul Davis admitted assault occasioning actual bodily harm, two counts of breaching a non-molestation order and breaching a suspended sentence for an unrelated ABH, at Portsmouth Crown Court in March 2017.

Ruth told the court: “I know he will end up killing me if I don’t leave him, if I don’t end the relationship in the court case today.”

Judge Robert Pawson, who jailed him for 14 months, told Davis: “I’ve heard what Miss Collier has said and it was quite clear that she has certainly loved you. Significantly, the pain you caused her was not just physical, it was psychological pain.”

Ruth, whose son has now been adopted, is trying to rebuild her life and is keen to encourage other people to leave violent relationships, before it’s too late.

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