23 August 2017

MP Calls For Parliament To Resist Pressure To Legalize ‘Demonic’ Homos*xuality


The Member of Parliament for Assin South, Reverend John Ntim Fordjour, has called on Parliament to resist all external pressure to legalize homos*xuality.

The MP, in an address to Parliament Wednesday, said the calls for legalization is part of a ‘demonic agenda’ which goes against all standards and values of Ghanaians.

“…Without prejudice to the position of the Parliament of Ghana, Government of Ghana, any religious body or political party on the subject of homos*xuality, lesbianism and bestiality, premised on my deepest convictions and principles as a Christian, Reverend Minister and a proud advocate of Jesus Christ and legislator, Member of Parliament for Assin South constituency, I hereby openly, and unequivocally declare my firm position against the views of the members of an advocacy group who on Thursday, August 17, 2017 sought to canvass support from certain powerful persons in institutions in Canada to put pressure on Ghana to decriminalize homos*xuality.” Nti Fordjour said on the floor.

“It is worth stating that the constitution of Ghana makes adequate provision which debar homos*xuality, lesbianism, bestiality and such acts that defile the core tenets of our beliefs, values, customs and traditions as a people,” he added.

The MP’s call comes in the wake of a move by Ghanaians in Canada calling on the Canadian government to put pressure on Ghana to legalize the act.

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