26 July 2017

Moving the AFCON to June/July laudable decision – Abedi Pele

Ex- Black Stars Captain Abedi Ayew Pele has hailed CAF for moving the African Cup of Nations to June/July.

Abedi in an exclusive interview with Kasapa Sports says this decision is long overdue because he has always advocated for this changes.

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) confirmed on Thursday that the biggest pioneer football competition on the African soil will be expanded to 24 teams – from 16 – and that the tournament will be moved to June and July rather than initial January and February.

“Transposing the AFCON to June- July is a very laudable decision. This is because it will provide the opportunity for our expatriate players to fully partake in the games without worrying about losing their positions in their respective clubs. The idea is fantastic because when our players lose their positions after missing out on 2 or 3 club games in order to express their solidarity and patriotism to their home countries, sometimes their contract is terminated and thus rendered clubless which is very pathetic and I  am very happy about the stance CAF has taken.”

However, he also expressed his worries about the increase in the number of participating countries for the AFCON. Stating that,

“I would have loved it if the number 16 was maintained and better services were given out during AFCON. We should have rather invested in getting improved pitches, better accommodation ,feeding and the nitty-gritty that go into the hosting the AFCON easy and make the  players feel comfortable and give out their best. I also feel there would be dispensable pressure on the Host nations”.

He was quick to add that,” Change is inevitable in life so let us look at the broader picture ahead of us. Football has undergone radical changes which have helped make the game more beautiful. Thus, I would advise that we embrace the CAF decisions with open arms; if it goes well, we will continue pushing the agenda, if not, we will just revert and restrategise for a better tomorrow”

 By: Grace Gifty Nkansah 



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