01 August 2017

Motorist, 31, gobsmacked after mechanic ‘refused to repair his car because it was RAINING’

A STUNNED motorist claims a mechanic refused to repair his car because it was RAINING.

Salesman Christopher Mills was hoping to get the bonnet catch on his VW Golf fixed when he pulled into Jamil’s Autos in Greater Manchester last Thursday.

Mercury Press

Salesman Christopher Mills says a mechanic refused to fix his car because it was raining[/caption]

Mercury Press

Christopher took a mobile phone snap of the garage after he was allegedly told they could not fix his car because of the weather[/caption]

But he says he was forced to get the work done elsewhere when a member of staff turned down his request, citing the weather after sticking his hand out of the garage to check it.

The 31-year-old said: “He just put his hand out and said, ‘It’s raining’. That was his excuse for not coming out to fix my car.

“I was just laughing and I said to him, ‘It’s life mate’. We’re in England – it rains.

“He said to me, ‘Come back tomorrow’.

“I just couldn’t believe it and I was sat in the car laughing for 10 or 15 minutes.

“Then rain stopped after that time but I don’t think he would have taken the job on at that point – probably because there had just been a really hard five-minute downfall.

Mercury Press

Christopher eventually got the work done at another garage nearby[/caption]

“It’s like a person behind a till in a shop not serving you because they can’t be bothered.

“I went to Jamil’s Auto’s on recommendation another garage.

“The whole thing was just completely laughable. I could see it in his eyes that he was just trying to think of his next excuse.”

Christopher, determined to get his car fixed, went to another garage in nearby to get his bonnet work done.

He said: “The repair guy was so happy he even had a look in the rain.”

Jamil Autos denied Christopher’s claim insisting they were too busy to take the job on.

The mechanic who dealt with Christopher said: “I had apologised to the fact that we could not sort the car today as previously mentioned by the gentleman that we had five cars waiting for service.

“This means we had jobs to return back to customers on that day and it was getting towards time to give the jobs back. We close at 6pm and this gentleman had come around 4pm which leaves us little time to sort an issue that could take a while.

Mercury Press

Christopher says he was sat in his car laughing for a quarter of an hour after he was told that the work could not be done[/caption]

“It would have been unreasonable for me to leave my existing work that were due to be completed and collected by the end of the day to attend this gentleman’s job.

“There is nothing we could have done in that situation to assist the gentleman as we are a small family run business and we did not want to take on any more work for that specific day that would leave the rest of the work incomplete and our customers unhappy.”

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