27 July 2017

More than one prisoner every week is WRONGLY released from custody, as assaults on staff soar by over a third

ENGLAND’S PRISONS were declared unfit for purpose today after shocking new figures showed 20 staff are beaten up EVERY day and a rampant drug culture.

Damning new statistics also showed that 71 prisoners were mistakenly released from custody by accident last year, the highest levels in over a decade.

The number of incidents of violence, self-harm and wrongly released prisoners has reached shocking levels

A raft of information released by the Ministry of Justice showed that there were “serious concerns” about ten jails including Pentonville, Brixton and Wormwood Scrubs.

Violence in jails in England and Wales reached new levels as the number topped 26,643, and the number of assaults on staff soared by a third to 7,159.

Incidents of self-harm shot up by 17 per cent to over 40,414, and 97 people killed themselves.

And almost one in ten drugs tests came back positive – the highest level since 2004.

The prisoners that have been released in error are not considered to be “unlawfully at large”, according to the reports, and most are not being sought by authorities.

The blunders happened when warrants were misplaced, recall notices were not followed through, or miscalculations in sentences.

He has spent every day since the double murder in 1978 on his own in a prison cell at Wakefield jail, pictured
Assaults in female prisons reached 1,023, the highest in nine years
PA:Press Association Archive
'Tornado' riot squad storms HMP Hewell after unrest as prisoners refused to follow orders

There were 15 escapes from prisons last year too
The Mega Agency

But critics said our prison system was in desperate need of reform.

Peter Dawson, director of the Prison Reform Trust, said: “These numbers confirm what the Chief Inspector of Prisons has described in graphic detail – that our prison system is nowhere near being safe for those who live and work within it.”

The Justice Secretary David Lidington promised to improve safety “as soon as possible”, but he was forced to admit they were no longer safe.

He said: “Boosting the frontline is critical to achieving safety and the number of prison officers we are recruiting is rising, with the number of new prison officers joining the service at its highest level since 2010.”

Ministers have promised an extra 2500 frontline officers and a crackdown on mobile phones and drugs in prisons as part of a serious shake-up.

Lag who went on the run with $50,000 fled prison using wire-cutters delivered by a DRONE



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