07 July 2017

MORE DRAMA – Blac Chyna’s New Guy Ferrari Fires Back At Rob Kardashian – Posts Semi-N*de Photos Of Himself In Bed With Chyna


Ferrrari, the guy caught up in the middle of all the drama between Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna, is not laying low but actually firing back at Rob.

Rob released some n*de pics in his anger at Chyna, having lost his mind after she sent him a video of herself with another man in her bed.

Rob’s anger was over the fact that bed was were his daughter was conceived, back when he and Chyna were together.

But the third guy in the story, Ferrari, is unhappy after Rob called him broke in his Chyna rants. So he’s hitting back by releasing more n*de pics of himself with Chyna in the bed.


Rob’s next meltdown should be epic!

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