26 January 2017

Model angry with Sarkodie for using his image without permission


A South African model, kwen Mayè has expressed discontentment at rapper Sarkodie for using his photograph without his permission.

The model is up in arms with the rapper for failing to seek his or his management’s permission before going ahead to use the image for promotion.

Sarkodie recently announced that he is giving opportunity to his fans and the general public to audition to be a part of his new music video.

He announced that “Be part of my new video … Come promo your Art,” and the accompanying advertisement read, “CALLING!!! Calling all Avant Garde hipsters and creative artists to be a part of an African superstar music video.”


Kwen May venting his anger on Instagram urged the rapper to desist from acts that he doesn’t want others to do to him.

@sarkodie1 you didn’t ask for my permission or contact my agency @20modelmanagement before using my picture for some cast promo..”

“I’m aware you don’t like when someone use ur pics without your permission___ please take it down or crop me out___ speaking for myself and don’t know about other models___ this is so wrong___ @ameyaw112 please speak to this guy to get it down____No disrespect, if you don’t accept this from anyone don’t do it to others____ #RespectMyJob I’m not looking for such publicity___ #CropMeOut,” he urged.

Sarkodie is yet to respond to the model’s accusation


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