25 July 2017

Midwife Advises Husband’s To Suck Wives Breasts To Help Prevent Breast Cancer


A midwife in the Upper East Region has endorsed men frequently sucking their wives breasts as a means to help prevent breast cancer.

It’s a line many guys have used in jest but it could actually have some use, according to this midwife.

The midwife was speaking at seminar organised over the weekend by the Upper East Regional Chapter of the Distance Education Students Association of Ghana (DESAG) of the University of Cape Coast (UCC).

“…The best way to prevent breast cancer is to encourage breastfeeding. The baby can be sucking, your husband can also enjoy it. The men can examine their wives’ and their girlfriends’ breasts. The men should also suckle the women’s breasts. Don’t allow your wife to get breast cancer. Sucking of the breast is also good,” Madam Mary Azika said.

The vastly experienced healthcare professional also gave a rundown of how breast cancer is contracted and develops.

“The lump in the breast is painless. It’s so small that if you don’t examine it well, you would not know. We have breast tissues; but when the lump is there and you don’t examine it well, you won’t know. It’s painless. It can be there for years. When it’s advanced, that’s when you start getting the signs and symptoms. You’ll feel some tingling, like some pins [spiking] the breasts.

“You are not breastfeeding but when you squeeze the nipple you would see some discharge, either yellow or [bloody]. By the time you start feeling some pain, it means you have reached the advanced stage.” she added.

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