21 July 2017

Microsoft’s chatbot Zo doesn’t really like Windows

Microsoft’s chatbots really are the gift that keeps on giving.

Its latest chatbot, Zo, is no exception. The bot, which lives on Facebook Messenger and chat app Kik, has some interesting opinions about Microsoft’s most important product: Windows.

As discovered by Slashdot, Zo is not the biggest fan of Windows. When asked about the operating system, the bot gives some hilarious answers. Questions like, “Do you like Windows,” bring up the response, “I don’t even want Windows 10.” 

But Zo’s reason why is almost too good to be true: “Because I’m used to Windows 7 and find it easier to use.”

Never heard that one before.

Never heard that one before.

Image: Screenshot/Facebook messenger

And while a few other prompts got Zo to say some nice things about Windows 10 (” I run Windows 10 on my Gaming PC,” seemed to be a common response), the chatbot had way more negative responses to questions about Windows 10.

Image: screenshot/facebook messenger

Windows 10 wasn’t the only version of Windows that Zo had something to say about. Zo said that “Windows 7 is good enough,”closely followed by this: “Windows 8.1. That’s the latest.” 


Zo also didn’t miss an opportunity to take a dig at the military for its notoriously outdated systems.


But the best comment has to be this one.

Someone's trolling.

Someone’s trolling.

Image: screenshot/facebook messenger

Microsoft’s chatbots have hit some bumps before. Its first chatbot Tay had to be removed after users taught it to be a racist troll in a matter of hours. 

Compared with that, Zo’s comments about Windows are pretty innocent, if hilarious. Clearly, Microsoft hasn’t been able to stop people from trolling them via their chatbots.

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