23 August 2017

Mercedes-Benz To Show Three Advanced Electrified EQ Sub-brand Models in Frankfurt

Mercedes-Benz To Show Three Advanced Electrified EQ Sub-brand Models in Frankfurt

Mercedes-Benz has an impressive product launch lineup scheduled for next month in Frankfurt, with one being an EQ sub-brand all-electric compact car.

It will be the first compact car in the new electric vehicle segment, and will be shown in the concept stage. The unveiling will take place Sept. 14 to 24 at the Frankfurt International Motor Show, with two other EQ models being shown.

The electric compact car could be the new sub-brand’s EQC non-luxury car, scheduled to start production in 2019.

The German automaker says it will be part of future EQ compact vehicles marketed to an “important target group.” That’s likely young professionals living in congested cities with concerns over air pollution and global warming.

Frankfurt will also see the Mercedes-Benz GLC F-Cell EQ Power. It’s a fuel cell plug-in hybrid that makes its debut at the car show as a pre-series model. The automaker will be promoting its long range and short fueling time at hydrogen stations for emissions-free driving.

The company added the EQ Power sub-brand to its EQ lineup in February. These high-performance models are being developed in conjunction with subsidiary AMG, and may be centered around crossover SUVs like the GLC.

Another EQ Power model to be shown next month will be the Mercedes-AMG Project One, a high-performance hypercar that could be getting 1000-plus horsepower. It will have Formula 1 hybrid drive technology, which the company describes as AMG’s “Future of Driving Performance.”

It will be limited to 300 units when revealed in 2018, and is likely to be labeled as an EQ Power+ model. It’s also tied into the Mercedes-AMG division celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, the company said.

Refreshed variations of the S-Class Coupe and S-Class Cabriolet will be shown in Frankfurt. They’ll come in both standard and AMG versions.

It’s a wide ranging, ambitious car show for the German automaker.

One of the previews will be its first premium pickup truck, the X-Class. The company depicts the pickup as offering all the things truck owners want – highly functional, robust, durable, and ideal for off-roading – combined with the perks of driving a Mercedes, such as its design, comfort, and driving dynamics.

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It will be one of 100 vehicles shown this year, the company said, with many of them being world premieres of concept vehicles.

Media will be able to delve into the wide-ranging vehicle display through the launch of the new “Mercedes me” online platform. Live events will be streamed on the new service, including press conferences and company experts giving talks. The me Convention will run September 15 to 17 under the hash tag #createthenew.

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