21 February 2017

Mensa Otabil is A ‘Confused Political Preacher’ Whose Sermons Change Based On Which Political Party is in Power


Mensa Otabil

It seems to be taking some people longer to realise the ignorance and chameleon character of Mensa Otabil, who is sadly praised as one of the most intelligent preachers in Ghana.

Even with his intelligence, he claims any Scientific theory that contradicts the Bible is a lie and ought not to be accepted. Meaning, the Big Bang, Evolution, and even the spherical shape of the earth, as science has championed which contradict the Bible are all false.

Over the weekend, Otabil’s chameleon nature was noticed by some Ghanaians on social media–and he became a subject of an interesting conversation, led by Kofi Adoli and others.

Though Adoli, a Ghanaian social media commentator is mostly mischievous, this time, he was just pointing out the obvious–that, Mensa Otabil is no different to the many preachers in Ghana, perhaps the only difference is that he’s a little sophisticated in his methods.

Otabil under the NDC government a few months ago challenged Ghanaians not to become sleeping dogs by just accepted tarred roads and electricity–obviously implying that Ghanaians ought to complain and challenge the government to do more.

The same Otabil told Ghanaians to question our leaders–and that was when NDC was in power. At the same time, he said: “Error of Leadership was the cause of Ghana’s woes.”

Now that the NPP is in power and as shown by the screenshots below, Otabil seems to be in love with the government, an institution he never was fond of. At least, that’s what he made us believe.

Otabil now blames Ghanaians for the woes of Ghana–and not the government or leaders. He recently said that, Ghanaians complain a lot–the same man who asked Ghanaians not to be content with tarred roads and to ask or complain for more.

Our “Complaining Attitudes and Backwards Mindsets” are costing the country, he is reported to have said.

As Godwin puts it: “Otabil is a dinosaur, and a hypocrite.”

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