10 July 2017

Men Of Today Love To Marry ‘Born Ones’ – Says Sherifa Gunu


Sherifa Gunu has hypothesised that men of today love to marry women who already have a child, those we describe in local parlance as being ‘born-ones’.

According to the soul singer, this is because men want to be sure that whoever they are marrying is capable of conceiving, therefore they choose the born ones, whom they already know can give birth.

“Most men of today love to marry women who have a child/ children because they do not want to be faced with fertility challenges in the future” Gunu said during an appearance on Peace Fm’s Entertainment Review program.

She added that societal pressure in relation to having kids influence this mindset of men.

Is that really the case though? Somehow we doubt men are going around looking for women who already have kids to marry.

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