09 July 2017

Men Are Attracted By My Sexy Body – Actress | General Entertainment

Star actress, Portia Asare has admitted to receiving numerous love proposals from men despite being a married woman.

Portia Asare explains, despite always having her wedding ring on, men are not discouraged from approaching her.

She however believes it is one of the hazards of her career.

Portia was speaking to host of Abusua FM’s entertainment review program, Austin Wood.

She says, “I am a very beautiful woman and I have a very attractive figure.”

“Several times I have had men proposing love to me though they know I’m a married woman because I always have my wedding ring on.”

“Even on my way to this studio, I had about three men approaching me with love offers.”

“So it’s a daily occurrence, but as a responsible married woman, I have to make sure I protect the safety of my marriage,” she stressed.

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