07 July 2017

Meet Kafui – the face behind music label ‘VI Music’ – Starr Fm

Evans Kwami Kafui Ofori is the CEO of the emerging music label VI Music – an alternative music company that seeks to provide different, new generational music to the Ghanaian art space.

From dreams of being a footballer, to a football club manager to his discovery of a love for the creative arts, Kafui has gone through the motions of soul searching for his true passion and found it in discovering talented people.

He found his appreciation for all sort of arts during his years in Achimota School, and this fueled his desire to earn his Bachelor’s Degree in English and Theatre Arts from the University of Ghana.

As the CEO of the emerging music brand that seeks to develop creative and positive music, but with a focus on alternative artistry, Kafui wants to create a platform for all music – including alternative, non-conforming music – to thrive, and to introduce more diverse music to the industry.

Kafui told KOD on Uncovered on The Zone, that he wanted to create an environment for alternative music.

“I wanted to create an environment where talented people perhaps doing alternative music who may not get the mainstream support that they needed will get team support from us”.

His company currently has six acts – the happiness-inducing multi-genre band FRA!, talented singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Reynolds The GentleMan, electro-soul crooner Robin-Huws, spoken word artist and prodigy Akotowaa, the genius Christian alternative singer and producer Tronomie, and the jewel in the crown, former VGMA Unsung winner and Afro jazz goddess, Adomaa. The collective is gaining momentum not just in Ghana’s evolving music scene but on the continent as well, with various features and invitations acknowledging the good work being done.

Kafui is also passionate about art in all its unique forms and dreams of creating opportunities for artists to showcase their talents to the world. He is also passionate about art being given its rightful place in the value chain of society, and believes art can be a tool to cause change, shift paradigms, and foster development in communities, and entire nations. He therefore refers to himself as an artivist – an activist for art, and has pledged to live a life fighting for art and the expression of art to and for as many as he can.

About VI Music

Vision Inspired Music (VI Music) is a world-class music company that thrives on producing high-quality, creative and original music content with the intent of affecting people in a positive and holistic manner.VI Music is established in Ghana and located at No. 5 Ako Adjei Street, East Legon, Accra.

VI Music primarily engages in the recruitment of positive-minded talents to develop, manage and promote their careers. We are especially concerned with the development of the artiste at every level, and pay careful attention to every aspect of his or her personal progress and career, from voice coaching, the music creation process (including concept creation, song writing and composition), brand development, live performance skill development, among others. This is because we strive for the best quality output from every one of our acts, and so ensure that everything possible is done to achieve this.

VI Music also believes in the power of music to affect minds, shift paradigms, and change lives, and as such we are very much concerned with the type of content our artistes produce. This content must be aimed at having a positive effect on audiences, and must benefit individuals body, soul and spirit. We also wish to give audiences in our part of the world especially, an alternative sound to what is usually industry prevalent. The label therefore works with acts from diverse genres, and welcomes creativity in any form and type. Also, as a recording outfit, we provide other services such as composition of music scores for film and television, beat production, jingle production and songwriting, among others.

“We are of the conviction that our content and approach to music production and artiste development is of the very best international standards, and work with the mantra of thinking locally, but acting globally. We have the vision of being internationally recognized and being considered among the most respected labels worldwide before long, with our artistes being considered among the topmost artistes the world over. We do it for the art”.

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