01 October 2016

Meet the 15-year-old girl working as prostitute to fund her education

child-prostituteA 15-year old girl who dreams of becoming a Bank Manageress in future has resorted to prostitution to fund her education.

The junior high school leaver told Joy News she chose to engage in prostitution because her parents could not afford to pay her school fees.

“My mother is at home she is not working but my father travel to so many places and I haven’t found him since…that is why I am working as a prostitute,” she told Joy News.

She said she dropped out of school about a year and half ago and started working as a prostitute a month ago.

According to her, she makes daily sales of between GhȻ120- GhȻ130 out of which she saves an amount of GhȻ50 daily to fund her education.

Living at the Kokomba slum near the Makola market, she dresses up every night and goes to work at a brothel and closes at dawn sometimes.

She, however, noted that she would quit the prostitution when she makes enough money to fund her secondary education.


Source: Myjoyonline

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