04 August 2017

Maurice Ampaw Doesn’t Know His Job, He Should Go Back To Law School – Wanlov Da Kubolor Lashes Out


Wanlov da Kubolor has hit out at lawyer Maurice Ampaw, who he says needs to go back to law school to perfect his knowledge of the law.

Ampaw has been on a crusade for those who post n*de images to be arrested, and those he has targeted include Rashida Black Beauty, Christabel Ekeh, and even Wanlov da Kubolor.

Ampaw said even possessing a n*de image of yourself is a crime under the laws of Ghana, and thus called for Kubolor’s arrest.

But in a highly critical response, the FOKN Bois singer rubbishes Ampaw’s legal knowledge.

“The person (Lawyer) doesn’t know their job. It is not a crime to take n*ked pictures. The name [Maurice Ampaw] doesn’t matter if they don’t know their work. It’s a personal property. If you disseminate publicly then it’s a crime. They need to go back to law school.” he said.

“I can’t be arrested by the police. There is no evidence I put it there. It’s not against the law to take a n*ked picture… I don’t know about n*dity but I know the law surrounding it…” Wanlov added.

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