02 August 2017

Marwako Boss, Jihad Chaaban Jailed For Dipping Worker’s Face Into Hot Pepper


A District Court in Abeka presided over by Ms Victoria Guansah, has sentenced Jihad Chaaban to nine months imprisonment for his infamous act of dipping face of an employee into a pepper sauce.

The Abelenkpe Mawarko restaurant Supervisor has battled the case in court for some time now over maltreating Evelyn Boakye and finally, justice has been served.

According to a Graphic report, Jihad was found guilty of “unlawfully causing harm and assault”.

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The Court, therefore, sentenced him to six months for the charge of assault and nine months on the charge of causing harm. The sentences are to run concurrently.

Jihad’s Lawyer has so far expressed his displeasure in the ruling and has informed the Press that his client is going to file an appeal.

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