30 July 2017

Marbella tourism chiefs label drunken Brit tourists ‘savages’ and say they must be ‘punished’ for boozy behaviour in Spanish city’s streets

AUTHORITIES in Marbella are cracking down on drunken tourists’ rowdy behaviour with tough new measures.

Under new rules, revellers who go topless or exhibit drunk and disorderly behaviour could face expensive fines, Diaro Sur reports.

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Brits flock to the Costa del Sol every year – but local authorities are cracking down on drunken behaviour[/caption]

And businesses could have their licences revoked if the council believes they encourage unruly antics  – which councillors blame on Brits flying out to Marbella and nearby Puerto Banus on ‘low cost’ deals.

Local security official, Javier Porcuna, said in a press conference last month: “We are not talking about controls which go further than what the council can do, but there are types of licences which are absolutely discretionary and we will assess if they are contributing to the improvement of the Puerto Banus ‘product’ or if they are taking a step backwards.”

It comes as two Brits were arrested in the popular Costa del Sol resort following an alleged booze and drugs-fuelled hit-and-run.

Marcus Stewart and Liam O’Neill, both 27, are accused of hitting 10 pedestrians outside a club in Puerto Banus.

And the move towards ramped-up security has been backed by tourism experts.

Tourism professor Josep-Francesc Valls, from ESADE Business School, told the Daily Star: “Do tourists have a right to walk through the city without a shirt or in a bathing suit? Get drunk? Destroy street furniture in a street fight? Urinate or copulate in the street?

“They react in this way as if they were their right to do so. I wonder if they would act this way in their hometown and expect not to be harshly repressed by their police.”

Mass brawl breaks out between two groups of drunken revellers by Marbella nightclub

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