09 August 2017

Manu’s deportation: Kenya risking good relationship with Ghana – NPP

Ghana’s ruling New Patriotic Party(NPP) says it expects the  Democratic Union of Africa (DUA) to question Kenyan authorities on the motive behind the deportation of it’s Campaign Manager,  for the 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary elections, Peter Mac Manu.

Mac Manu was said to be leading a team of Democratic Union of Africa (DUA) International Observers to Kenya’s General Elections underway today August 8, 2017, but was deported from the East African nation because of the NPP’s alleged involvement in the polls.

Agents of Kenya’s ruling party alleged the NPP was supporting the opposition leader Raila Odinga to create a parallel election tally result platform, similar to what happened in their[NPP] case in Ghana’s polls, December 2016.

The deportations and denials of entry follows the opposition claims that police had late Friday raided a party tally centre in Westlands where a parallel vote count was due to be conducted.

Commenting on the development, the Acting General Secretary of the ruling NPP, John Boadu said his party is scandalized by the deportation of Mac Manu by the Kenyan authorities, when he was supposed to be part of a credible mission to monitor and report on the August 08, 2017 election.

“We are not happy with what Kenyan authorities did. We[NPP] didn’t send Mac Manu to Kenya. It was the Democratic Union of Africa, which he[Manu] is an honourary President of that group, a centre right political parties in Africa whose parent organization is the International Democratic Union, made up of all centre right political parties globally that dispatched Observer mission to the Kenyan polls, which Mr. Manu was part of the team. So it is quite disgusting for the Kenyan authorities to misbehave in that manner, because the consequences of what they’ve done is that, they have tarnished the image of the organization, and I feel the next time they would be sending Observer mission anywhere, the countries would be looking into it keenly and I think that is not good for Africa.

  1. ” We want DUA to question the Kenyan authorities why they have to do that. There are a lot of Observer missions in that country now as I’m speaking to the extent that even our former President, John Mahama is also part of an Observer mission, so why do you accept some group and deny others? then you may have a reason, and we want to interrogate their reason, that is what we are waiting for and we’ll see how hollow they are. I’m surprise that with all the international standards and best practices in the World, you still feel you just have to close your system and all that; what is the reason? If we are not able to get a proper reason for their action, I believe this will mar the relationship between the two countries. The NPP is not happy and government as well is not happy about the development. It doesn’t matter whether he’s a political party person or not, he is a citizen of Ghana and it is wrong for him to go through that.”


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