14 July 2016

Man’s Private Part Chopped Off In A Market

chopA man is currently undergoing one of the worst agonies of life after his private part was cut off in a market According to reports, a man who looks to be in his 30s was seen weeping profusely, with blood pouring down his legs.

The man was in so much agony as his private part had been severed off by an unknown person.

The incident reportedly occurred on Tuesday, July 5, at the Dupont Road market along the main motor road, Monrovia, Liberia.

According to eyewitnesses who claimed to have seen him run onto a moving taxi, the man was screaming “my pen*s, my pen*s’, which attracted a teeming crowd of onlookers.

One of the eyewitnesses who identified himself as 18-year-old Prince Railey, said: “The man came with heavy running and bumped into the taxi. I heard him saying let car kill me one time.” Another eyewitness who identified himself as James Mulbah, said the man could neither explain what just happened to him, nor understand what he did that resulted in someone chopping off his private part.

Here’s what he said: “The man fell right before the taxi, we were shocked. Later on, we discovered that too much blood was leaking from his trouser, and when he opened his trouser, we saw that his penis was cut. When we asked him to explain what happened to him, all he could say was: “It is hard to talk my people” . He left crying in severe pains until an ambulance came and took him away.”

According to another eyewitness Foday Subah, the man may have been caught with someone’s woman. Here’s what he said: “The man might have been caught in a “jolly-jolly sexual safari” with somebody’s woman.

That could be the reason why such an evil thing was done to him. It is just hard to determine the actual cause of the incident, as the victim himself did not say anything.” Jackson Perry, an old man who was nearby, also shared the same sentiment with Subah, here’s what he said: “For me, this man must be a thief. Probably, he had gone to steal from someone and he was caught in the process and the person treated him in such a ghastly manner.”

Others also believed the man may have attempted rape or deceived a woman, who chose to exact her revenge in such manner. According to the reporters, the piece of the cut private part was seen in a nearby drainage where it had been thrown into by the man’s assailant. The ambulance attendants obviously did not remove the part from the drainage, as the appendage could be seen there four days later.

The victim was reportedly taken to the John.F.Kennedy medical center in Sinkor, Monrovia, for treatment.

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