15 July 2017

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho moves to praise ‘fantastic treatment’ Arsenal gave rival Arsene Wenger amid fan fury

JOSE MOURINHO has praised Arsenal for the not bowing to public pressure to get rid of Arsene Wenger.

Increasing numbers of Gunners fans and pundits were calling for him to go before he finished the season with the FA Cup.


Jose Mourinho has praised Arsenal for keeping longtime rival Arsene Wenger in a job[/caption]

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The pair have a long history of confrontation[/caption]

But Arsenal rewarded their greatest ever manager with a new two year contract.

And Mourinho said: “Fantastic treatment, that’s what every manager wants, the club to be strong, to be strong enough to make their own decisions and to forget the media and pundits opinion and supporters’ strength.

“Mr Wenger got what every manager would like, a strong club, you stay two more years of contract, and in conditions to work and try to win titles.”

While Arsenal finished fifth in the league last season, Mourinho claims they were the third most successful in England because they won the FA Cup.

And sixth placed United, who won the Community Shield, EFL Cup and Europa League, were the second best.

Mourinho said: “I think after the champions, Chelsea, I think Manchester United is the second most successful club last season and Arsenal the third. For me that’s absolutely clear.

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Mourinho says Wenger has had ‘fantastic treatment’[/caption]

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Arsenal fans were vociferous in trying to get rid of Arsene Wenger[/caption]

“To finish second, third or fourth is like being first, second and third of the last because there is only one winner.

“Arsenal won a competition, we won two-and-a-half, I like to say.

“If someone had to prove something this season it is the ones that won nothing.”

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