09 September 2016

Man uses best friend’s favourite food to ask her out in elaborate display – gets publicly rejected

gsfgffghguyuuyuAs Amy Winehouse once said: “Love is a losing game “.

It certainly is for a young man from Guangzhou, China, who was put down in near Shakespearean tragedy.

The student staged one of the fruitiest and elaborate marriage proposals in recent times, putting together an astonishing heart of pomelos (much like a larger type of grapefruit) on the floor of his university mall.

He’d collected and laid out 999 pomelos, his sweetheart Mumu’s favourite fruit, and waited there with a bunch of flowers.

To add to this deliciously hopeless romance, pomelo means “you” in Mandarin.

Chinese news reports that the man sang to Mumu as she arrived on the scene.

“She is my idol”, he sang.

“She likes eating pomelos, so I’ve bought a lot of them for my proposal.”

Young man made a giant heart from hundreds of pomelo's

Young man made a giant heart from hundreds of pomelo’s

But Mumu rejected him.

“I don’t like you”, she allegedly told the would-be Romeo.

“I have been treating you as my best friend. But I’ll keep the pomelos.”

The young man ask's out the girl of his dreams only to be rejected

The young man ask’s out the girl of his dreams only to be rejected

Wow. Somebody dial 999.

To make matters worse, Mumu told local press that bystanders who’d witnessed the fruity exchange then proceeded to help themselves to the pomelos.

The man’s heart was, indeed, literally eaten for breakfast.

The shocked girl Mu Mu rejecting his offer

The shocked girl Mu Mu rejected his offer




Source: MirrowUK


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