25 August 2017

Man shot after attacking Brussels troops

The scene in Brussels of the shooting by police of a man who reportedly attacked officers machete, 25 August 2017 ‏Image copyright
Thomas da Silva Rosa‏

Image caption

The man reportedly attacked officers with a large knife in the centre of Brussels

A man has been shot in the centre of Brussels after attacking two soldiers with a knife, according to reports.

Pictures from the scene show the area cordoned off with police and emergency services in the street.

One witness, Ryan MacDonald‏, said he heard the sound of a gunshot.

It was not clear whether the attacker had survived the shooting on Friday. Brussels police did not immediately comment on the incident.

“Sound of gunshot, heavy police presence outside,” Mr MacDonald‏ wrote on Twitter.

Another witness said he heard “two loud bangs and a load of sirens”.

The attack took place on Boulevard Emile Jacqmain in the centre of Brussels, local media reported.

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