18 January 2017

Man cuts off penis, chews afterwards

Residents of Kwaanan, a village in Asikuma-Odoben Brakwa district of the Central Region are astounded by news that a 35 year-old man in the area had cut off his own manhood.

The bizarre incident reportedly took place on Monday, January 16, 2017. It is unclear what might have triggered the man to commit such an atrocity but some residents claim he is mentally challenged.

A family member, Kwaku Marfo, who disclosed the incident to Adom News said Paa Kojo and one of his friends have for some time now, been lighting candles and incense whilst reciting incantations.

During one of such sessions, Paa Kojo picked a cutlass from a room close by and in the full glare of his parents and his friends, started slashing his manhood, Marfo said.

After cutting off his manhood, Kojo picked the bleeding organ and chewed it, a shocked Marfo said.

Paa Kojo is currently receiving treatment at Our Lady of Grace Government hospital at Breman Asikuma.


Source: ghana-news.adomonline.com

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