28 January 2017

Malawian Pastor Performs Incredible ‘Miracle’ – Prays Over Congregants Phones To Be Recharged With Credit


A Malawian pastor is the cure to all your recharge needs, as he reportedly can command heavenly credit straight into your phone.

God knows I spend soo much of my money on credit – with this pastor I can finally focus all my salary on the things that matter – like clothes and shoes.

According to Malawi News, Lusaka based prophet Anointed Bernard, known by his followers as ‘Commander One’, made waves in church when he asked everyone to bring their phones for a miracle.

The miracle was him getting on his knees and praying for everyone’s phone to be miraculously recharged, as if God was sitting over recharge cards in heaven and could just distribute them at will.

The photo has gone viral in his country with most people calling the miracle fake. Unfortunately for those of us seriously looking for free credit, the outcome of the miracle in not made known in the story.

Damn. Only in Africa!


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